• GIS-integration: (3D-)Geographic Information Systems are fundamental in the organization and management of historical and recent exploration data. These data (geochemical and geophysical surveys, remote sensing, drilling and trenching, etc) are compiled and georeferenced together with geographical (DEM, topographic maps, aerial photographs, etc) and geological information (geologic maps, structural elements, etc.). 
  • Expert data interpretation: Our staff has expert knowledge on exploration for numerous styles of mineralisation (base and precious metals, gemstones, industrial minerals) in diverse geological settings (Archaean to Recent sedimentary, metamorphic and magmatic terrains). We have a strong academic background in ore geology, geologic mapping, remote sensing, geochemistry, geophysics, petrology, mineralogy, structural geology and crustal fluid flow research. Click here for a list of references of publications of GF Consult staff.
  • Mineral deposit targeting: Target generation and efficient planning and execution of exploration programs require advanced (3D-) GIS analysis of the available data. GF Consult provides such an approach using appropriate software packages.